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Jazz Suite for Wind Quintet

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I was commissioned to write this Jazz Suite for Wind Quintet in 2010 by Jonathan Myall to be performed by the Atéa Wind Quintet - an ensemble his son Ashley played in whilst studying at the Royal Academy of Music. Each of the five movements is in a different jazz style, in fact there are so many styles of jazz it was a problem deciding which ones to depict. So rich is the “resource” of the jazz world, it’s tempting to add a few more pieces, however this could then become a never-ending project - watch this space!

Although three of the instruments of the wind quintet are relatively alien to jazz, the large dynamic range and ­cohesive sound of the ensemble lends itself perfectly to express the often mellow, sometimes gritty and always grooving sound of the jazz genre. Exciting and perhaps a bit unusual then for both player and listener alike to hear the oboe, horn and bassoon getting stuck in to some grooves, thirteenths and sharpend elevenths... Untrue to the idiom however, these pieces don’t contain any improvisation but all the movements adhere to the convention of a theme followed by an intrument “taking a solo” over the repeated harmonic sequence - everyone gets a chance to shine!

This suite of five pieces for wind quintet features pieces in different jazz styles can be played in any combination for an exciting concert performance. Includes:

In the Style of Dixieland: A lively and up-beat piece in the style of Dixieland music from the 1930's
In the Style of Bebop: An up-tempo piece in the style of Bebop music from the 1940's and 1950's typified by Charlie Parker
In the Style of a Monk Ballad: A medium tempo ballad piece in the style of the famous pianist and composer music Theolonius Monk.
In the Style of a Coltrane Ballad: A slow ballad with double tempo sections in the style of saxophonist John Coltrane in the 1950-60s
In the Style of Bossa Nova:  A medium/up-tempo piece in the Brazilian style of Bossa Nova created by Anton Carlos Jobim in the 60's

Scored for: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Bassoon

Duration: 20 minutes

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