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Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
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Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

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  1. Sonata for Clarinet & Piano Movt1 - Sonata for Clarinet & Piano Movt1 Midi version for demo only - 4.34 MB
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  3. Sonata for Clarinet & Piano Movt3 - Sonata for Clarinet & Piano Movt3 Midi version for demo only - 6.51 MB

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Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

This exciting, lively jazz-tinged sonata is in 3 movements "Duologue", "Entropy" & "Changes".

Lasting about 13 minutes, this is an unusually appealing work guaranteed to enliven any recital. For aspiring or more advanced players.


Review by CASS magazine:

"Written in 2006 this three movement sonata is a substantial work and very well crafted, exploring the full range and potential of the clarinet. It is modern with some jazz influence but the structure ensures it does not sound too unfamiliar. "Duologue" ranges from low E to top A sharp and nimble fingers and tongue co-ordination are needed throughout. The musical material contains wide leaps, often over an octave, and complex rhythms. The dialogue between clarinet and piano varies, sometimes alternating, sometimes together but a tight ensemble is needed for this to work. The excitement of the first movement gives way to the smoother passages of "Entropy", presumably making order out of the chaos. The more lyrical clarinet line lies over the busy accompaniment and there is plenty of opportunity for expression. The energy is turned up to the max for "Changes" which begins with a solo clarinet for the first short section, a jumpy theme with wide leaps. This is then varied several times, adding the pianist and more and more notes. Expect to be caught out by the tricky quaver runs. A busy cadenza, a top B, a glissando and a lip bend from top E flat bring this piece to an exhilarating close. This is a challenging and rewarding piece for both clarinettist and pianist; certainly not for the faint-hearted."

Stephanie Reeve

Clarinet and Saxophone magazine

Autumn 2009

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