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Product ID: IFP_043
Difficulty: Advanced
ISMN: M-70801043 2
Reconciliation Suite

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Suite for 2 saxophone quartets (SATB, SATB) in two main movements "Incitement to Bebop" and "Prelude & Deluge" Duration 13 minutes. Written in September 2003, this work was commissioned by Miles Osland and the University of Kentucky, and premiered by The Osland Saxophone Quartet and UK Mega-Sax at the University on 16 November 2003. It was performed at the North American Saxophone Alliance in May 2004.

Programme Notes

The inspiration for the first movement "Incitement to Be-Bop" was the notion of a jazz rooted sax quartet goading a classically trained quartet to have a go at playing some gutsy Bop! Musically, quartet 2 (originally performed by OSQ) gradually loosens up from its initially baroque stance and through several attempts at hipping it up whilst the quartets trade 8's, ends up integrating with the jazzers of quartet 1. Suggested performance notes are added to the parts, but these may be ignored if no performance art is required. Built over a Rhythm Sequence, there are improvised solos for soprano (Qrt 2) and tenor (Qrt 1). After the big tutti at O, both bands play out the original theme.

The second movement "Prelude & Deluge" begins with a rubato 2 -baritone line which is expanded over the whole of the prelude, the tempo of which may be elastic. When the tenor (2) comes in at D, the tempo is rigid throughout. Built over a 4-bar riff in 13/16, the piece builds in both number of instruments and harmonically. A release from the manic riff comes at H when the piece lilts into 6/8 and provides an opportunity for tenor (2) to improvise a solo at J before the original theme creeps back in at Q and blasts out in full tutti, gradually cracking up to an anarchic fragmentation of the riff.

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