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20 Commandments
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Product ID: IFP_033
Difficulty: Easy, Medium, Advanced
ISMN: M-708010 33 3


This volume of 20 graded compositions for solo flute incorporates various jazz, rock, latin and modern classical stylistic influences.
Price: £11.99

Doing Time (with free CD)
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Product ID: IFP_041
Difficulty: Medium, Advanced
ISMN: M 70801041 8


10 Pieces for solo flute with free CD.
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Price: £16.99

Fingerbusters! (with free CD)
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Product ID: IFP_001
Difficulty: Advanced
ISMN: M-708010 01 2


Five virtuoso solo pieces for flute in modern jazz styles.
Price: £16.99

The Modern Flute Player
Product ID: IFP_054
ISMN: 979-0-708010-54-8


40 Graded Pieces For Solo Flute.
Includes 4 ABRSM exam pieces
Price: £11.99

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