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Attitude in C #
Product ID: IFP_066
Difficulty: Advanced
ISMN: 979 0 708 01066 1


A virtuoso showpiece for flute & piano lasting 7 minutes. Also available with added bass guitar and drums (contact us for details)
Price: £15.99

Product ID: FCD


Included in this package are the solo flute part and a play-along CDR.
Price: £19.99

Product ID: IFP_096
Difficulty: Advanced
ISMN: M 708010968


A work in 3 movements lasting about 20 minutes for flute & full wind orchestra. Comes with A4 size score. A unique addition to the repertoire.

Price: £160.00

Product ID: A3F
ISMN: M 708010968A3


This package contains an extra LARGE FORMAT A3 portrait score AS WELL as an A4 portrait score. Please note that due to shipping restrictions, the A3 score is supplied UNBOUND, the score can simply be comb bound by the purchaser.
Price: £180.00

Product ID: IFP096PR
ISMN: 0000


This ia a piano reduction of the Concerto For Flute & Wind Orchestra (IFP 096) is printed to order. It is bound in 3 separate booklets and a flute part is included.
Price: £24.99

Product ID: IFPMvt1
Difficulty: Advanced


Movement 1 of the flute concerto with a big ending, 2 minutes longer...
Price: £60.00

Product ID: Score1
Difficulty: Advanced


A4 Score of Concerto for Flute & Wind Orchestra
Price: £25.00
Out of Stock

Product ID: IFP_ODJB


Parts for flute + jazz trio as recorded by James Galway on the album "Tango Del Fuego".
Price: £44.99

Product ID: IFP_068
Difficulty: For good players!
ISMN: M 708010 68 5


Picc Trix is a showpiece for solo piccolo and Wind Orchestra lasting about 12 minutes.
Commissioned from Mike Mower by the United States Airforce Band in 2002
Price: £135.00

Product ID: IFP_069
Difficulty: Medium
ISMN: M 708010 69 2


An exciting arrangement for flute and full wind orchestra of Salsa Montunate from Mike's Sonata Latino
Price: £75.99

Product ID: Score2


A4 Score of Stockholm Suite
Price: £25.00

Product ID: IFP_097
Difficulty: Medium
ISMN: M 70801097 5


As recorded on James Galway's album "Tango Del Fuego" these band parts are printed up to order.
Price: £74.99

Product ID: IFP_055
ISMN: M 708010 55 5


Stockholm Suite
A concerto in 3 movements for solo flute & wind orchestra

Price: £129.99

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